The Big Design Mistake You Can Fix In 30 Seconds

by Hannah Kelly September 19, 2017

There's one grave decorating sin that's incredibly easy to accidentally commit, and it throws the whole scale and balance of a room immediately out of whack. Luckily, it's just as easy to fix, and the remedy requires only a few seconds and a couple of tools. 

The sin in question? Hanging art too high. There's a tendency for people to err on the side of height when hanging art, resulting in top heavy rooms and strained, craned necks.

Remedying this issue is simple: just grab a measuring tape, a hammer, and some nails, and commit to memory the following rules of thumb:

Rule #1: 57" On Center

In general, art should be hung '57" on center,' meaning the horizontal center of the artwork should hang at 57" from the floor, which is the average eye height of a standing person.

Photo: Reid Rolls

Photo: Daniel Collopy


Photo: Joe Schmelzer

Rule #2: Consider How The Room Is Used

While 57" from the floor is a general standard, one should always take into account how people actually use the room in which the art will be hung. If it's a space used mostly while guests are seated or lounging (like a dining or TV room), then you want to center the art on a seated person's eye line. 

Photo: Mat Sanders

Rule #3: 8-10" Above

When hanging art above furniture, ensure that the bottom of the art rests about 8-10" above the top of the furniture beneath it. 


Photo: Christopher Patey

Photo: Lu Tapp


Photo: Tessa Neustadt

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