Our Top 5 Tips to Warm Up Your Home This Winter

by Jonathan Steinitz February 06, 2017

We’ll give it to you straight: Groundhog shadow or not, in many states, February is the coldest month of the year. But have no fear. Adding a little warmth to you winter starts at home, and we’ve got a few tips to get you started. In fact, we’ve got all the tools you need for a full-on winter warm-up. We’re talking about the fluffy, furry, fuzzy textures to keep you cozy. The perfect color palette for a warm winter haven. Layered throws. The ultimate coffee mug for everything from hot chocolate to mulled wine (but first, coffee, of course). 

Grab your best snuggle buddy and check out our top 5 tips for cozying up your home this winter below.


1. Break out the warm and fuzzies (fur real, though)

Photo: Aaron Fallon


2. Get rich (color)

Photo: Matt Sartain


3. Embrace mug life (it’s not just for coffee anymore)

Photo: Monica Wang for Rue Magazine

4. Throw down with pillows and blankets (the cozier, the better)

Photo: Mat Sanders


5. Get that fireside glow (fireplace optional)

Photo: Mat Sanders
Does this décor get you in the mood for stay-in season? Curl up and comment below!

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