Check Out 7 Spaces With Gorgeous Gradients

by Jonathan Steinitz September 19, 2016

Why choose one color when you can have an entire spectrum? 

Gradients are all about throwing shade in a good way, softening bright color while adding dimension and depth. Using gradients is one of our favorite tricks to incorporate several colors into a room without layering too many separate patterns or colors. By creating a continuous blend of subtle color transitions, gradients connect colors in a room in a way that helps everything match.

What’s more, this trend looks amazing in a variety of forms, from rugs to art to wallpaper to décor to accessories. Our advice? If you really want to maximize the gradient effect, go big with more than one at a time.

Scroll for some serious gradient interior inspiration that’s our style of shady.

Photo: Justin Coit; Design: Consort Design

Photo: Fran Parente; Design: Ashe + Leandro

Photo: Didier Delmas; Design: Daskal-Laperre

Photo: Christopher Patey; Design: Consort Design

Photo: Nicole Franzen

Photo: Joe Schmelzer; Design: Consort Design

Photo: Christopher Patey; Design: Consort Design

Which gradient vignette captures your true colors? May our comments section be your coloring book.

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